Stratégie et Organisation

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STR 5626


Graduate (M2)



Langue d'enseignement


Crédits ECTS


Heures programmées / Charge de travail

30 / 15 heures


  • SEGARD Olivier


- Management, Marketing et Stratégie


This seminar purports to familiarize students with business ecosystems. Therefore, the learning objectives of this seminar are, for the students:
- To consolidate the basics of Strategy (Organizational Design) as taught in the first two years of the curriculum,
- To connect what they have learned in seminars STR 5612 and 5622 to understand how to orchestrate business ecosystems,
- To draw the big picture of business ecosystems and to embrace the main strategic challenges,
- To be able to analyze and design business ecosystems,
- To better reflect on organizational design that support agility and openness,
- To acquire tools for business ecosystems analysis and design (interdependence map, value map, platform or ecosystem canvas,
- To understand how to capitalize on ICTs to reinvent innovation factory.








As most of the evaluation will be based on group work, which is the best proxy for simulating achievement in real-life corporate contexts, every student will be subjected to peer pressure to contribute their respective share of the workload required to deliver reports and conclusions on the cases.

Activities Percentages
Class participation 35%
Reaction papers (1

Approches pédagogiques

This seminar will be based on active participation, workshop exercise, and team projects. Classes will be based on interactive PowerPoint presentations, as well as a series of tests, exercises based on readings and case studies. This seminar will require active participation from the students in terms of in-class discussions, readings and case studies debriefings. The main text and articles assigned to this seminar are meant to complement the classroom material and inspire conversation and discussion. As such, you must come to class having completed the readings so that you can contribute. Case studies will have to be worked in small groups, both during the class and overnight. Moreover, this week of seminar will require the continuous and active presence and involvement of each student, especially when it comes to group work on case studies.


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