Creativity, Ideas and Entreneurship

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ENT 4710


Graduate (M1)



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37,5 / 90


  • LESCOP Denis


- Droit, Economie et Finance


Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
• Understand the design thinking process
• Learn and understand the tools and techniques of design thinking
• Apply the tools and techniques to an entrepreneurial situation
• Experiment problem definition and idea generation
• Experiment prototyping
• Understand the consequences of the use of design thinking
• Understand and explore the limits of the tools and techniques








Participation and attendance (15%)
The course relies on discussions and debates during the class. These can only happened if students prepare the course with the readings or case studies assigned. Your participation and attendance grade will reflect your performance in this respect. The grade includes: attendance, in-class discussion, preparation of questions, and respect towards your peers and the instructor.

Assignments #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 (60%)
Design thinking and creativity require practice. During the semester, students (in teams of 3) will have to apply the tools and techniques to an entrepreneurial design thinking challenge. The challenge will take the form of a question/issue either proposed by me or proposed by the students (more details will be given during the class). Students will have to work on their chosen challenge throughout the course.

For each assignment, each team will have to send me their work:
- by email before the due date
- in pdf format
- using the following file name format: teamX_assignY.pdf (X being the team number and Y being the assignment number).
Any failure to follow these rules (late sending, wrong format) will automatically trigger the rejection of the team work and hence a failure of the assignment. Each assignment will be accompanied by a short presentation (5mn) in class.

Each assignment will count for 12% (6% for the written work + 6% for the presentation) of your final grade.

Final Assignment (25%)
This assignment consists in the elaboration and the final presentation of the business plan associated to your challenge. The presentation should be no more than 15 minutes. More details will be given during the course about the writing of the business plan. This will test your ability to use the concepts and tools in an organized fashion, and your ability to present your work.

The final assignment will count for 25% (10% for the written work + 15% for the presentation) of your final grade.

Course Grade Calculation
Total Grade = 15% Participation
+ 12% Assignment #1 + 12% Assignment #2
+ 12% Assignment #3 + 12% Assignment #4
+ 12% Assignment #5
+ 25% Final Assignment
= 100% Total Grade
This grade will be divided by 5 to give a grade over 20.

Approches pédagogiques

Project-based learning


Programme grande école

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